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Field Notes: May 2022

Well, May has been crackers. So without dwelling on it too much, let's get into things.

- Development work has kicked off on the narrative VR project I am producing over the next 9 months. It's a collaboration with Second Home Studios and Holosphere and is due to be announced next month, so keep your eyes peeled. I'm currently working around scripts and playing with cardboard to design the world we're playing in.

- I'm pleased to be back as a Digital Advisor on Bloomberg Philanthropies' Digital Accelerator Programme. I'm working with Arts Council England to support and advise three UK arts organisations on ambitious digital projects funded by Bloomberg.

- We are nearing completion on Muscle Memory in Motion, an interactive look through the work of comic artist Al Davison for Coventry City of Culture. I'll hopefully be able to share that next month.

- And I was meant to be at a Q&A and reception with Asif Kapadia talking about Laika, his StoryFutures narrative VR project, as well as popping to see Dreamachine as part of Unboxed... but the old bug that's been going round finally got me. Booooo.

And that's all for now. It's exciting to be starting big projects and working on such ambitious ideas.

As ever, if you want to say hello or have a chat, my email is open ian@heygreenraven.co.uk


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